Semalt: How To Exclude Query Parameters From Google Analytics

When designing website as well as optimizing them for search engines, query characters is one of the factors which can make a site fail to rank well in the search engine result pages. For every online business start-up, executing an e-commerce website can be one of the best business approaches there can exist. For instance, businesses have the capability of reaching infinite market potentials globally using some of the online marketing techniques. Digital marketing can involve several methods of making the website and the contents meet its recipients. It is possible to employ Search Engine Optimization on a website and fetch traffic from the organic SERPs of some specific keywords.

The Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Jack Miller, elaborates here on some compelling issues concerning the excluding query parameters from Google Analytics.

Digital marketing is a broad spectrum of activities. They all seem to have an element of increasing the visibility of your website as well as getting to many potential clients. Some of the techniques presented in the digital marketing platform include Search engine optimizations, Content marketing as well as other platforms like the Social Media Marketing (SMM). Excluding the query parameters helps all these processes achieve their motive well without hitches. In other cases, they can contribute to boosting the safety of using your website.

Referral spam is a common problem which faces a majority of the internet users. Excluding spam from the daily website usage is important. Spam can contain Trojans and malware which can compromise the security of using your site. In other cases, it is essential to sensitize your public on the impending spam attacks which can make their user accounts vulnerable. Conventional spam filters as well as sticking to other anti-spyware methods can keep off the possibility of there being spam attacks. It is important to exclude query parameters on Google Analytics to control referral spam. In other cases, users can experience a period of safety when browsing your website. Always remember that the security of your website as well as that of the users depends on your safety measures.

How to exclude query parameters

You can exclude query parameters on your Google Analytics account through logging in to your admin panel. From here, you can click your account then select view. In the light panel, you can click view settings. This place you can be able to exclude the query parameters you need in the Google Analytics view group. When you make these changes, it is essential to click the save button to make sure the configuration does not modify. This procedure can be beneficial to your website.


Google Analytics determines its metric information from some of the URLs which have been loaded. In other cases, it is possible to include a Google Analytics referral spam filter to exclude fake website visits. In this measure, users can be able to make legitimate website visits as well as other types of occurrences on the websites. Query parameters are one of the techniques which Google Analytics uses to control the information and metrics of a site. Companies use this information to assist them in ranking their websites high in the search engines.

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